MyHOME Integrated Solutions for home automation functions

January 23, 2020

Through a wide range of devices, MyHOME Integrated offers simple and efficient solutions to meet safety, comfort, energy-saving and communication needs which are applicable in any type of home and tertiary sector. MyHOME Integrated is also the answer to the latest low energy consumption requirements in buildings; its different applications in fact allow the creation of systems that meet the requirements of the highest energy efficiency class for buildings. 
Through the use of intelligent and programmable electronic devices, MyHOME makes advanced features, difficult to achieve in traditional electrical systems, become accessible in a simple and personalized way. Moreover, its installation modularity and the functional integration of different devices give the freedom to choose which applications install immediately and which to integrate in the future without major structural works and with excellent cost management.

Discover the new products here: 

Integration with third party & existing LIS product ranges
MyHOME is an open system that easily integrates with the LIS product ranges and the best technologies, systems, devices made by other producers.

The MyHome_Up Automation system allows you, simultaneously and in an integrated way, to manage functions that were previously carried out by separate and complex electrical systems. Read more here.
MyHOME Driver integration
By means of the MyHome platform and the driver manager device item F459, the MyHome devices can used to manage systems and products from other manufacturers. Read more here.
The new BTicino wiring devices are unmistakably Living but has been completely renewed in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Living Now has been designed to suit all homes. It can be used in traditional systems or installed to show all its innovative potential with connected smart systems. Read more here. 
With the style of its three types of cover plate and the richness of the technological offer, Livinglight allows you to make systems in any environment: residential, tertiary and hotel. Read more here. 
The Axolute Collection encompasses a wide range of Italian-Designed, luxury wiring keypads, and faceplates. Axolute faceplates are available in many different shapes and crafted with a range of luxurious materials and finished to fit any space. Read more here. 
HOMETOUCH - 7" touch screen for managing all MyHOME_Up functions that can be integrated with the video door entry system for use as a connected internal station. It does not require any configuration for the use of the home automation functions. Read more here. 

Download the official brochure here.

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