MyHome Integrated

MyHome Integrated system provides smart technology and easy functions that can bring a new way of life to enjoy your home. A step forward to your peace of mind which brings comfort, safety, energy efficiency, remote control and multimedia control in your smart home.


Legrand has solutions specifically for each room and public area in the hotel through its Guest Room Management System.  


Nuvo whole home audio systems guarantee an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control. Easy to install, easier to enjoy, Nuvo systems are the perfect fit for any home.


Vantage home automation and lighting control systems make your life even more luxurious with stunning, one-touch interfaces for exclusive home, penthouse, and hospitality control. All the necessary tools to integrate facility functions into a single central system that can be programmed to operate under control of a schedule, sensors or buttons.


Sanus is one of the largest, best-known mounts and racks brand in the world. SANUS' has an award-winning portfolio of TV wall mounts, AV furniture, racks, speaker stands, and accessories. 


Luxul Wireless networking solutions deliver the more powerful, resilient connected infrastructure that is critical to supporting the ever-increasing demand and reliability of countless connected systems, including Legrand home system’s technology. 

ART D’Arnould

With Art d’Arnould each and every individual can become the creator of a premium product perfectly suited to their requirements. With plenty of product variations, this provides a more accessible and easily available collection, including the most popular worlds and finishes and the most commonly used features.  


Legrand is the specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure. Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures, offering high-value-added products and solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.


BTicino, with a number of plants and production facilities in Italy and abroad, as well as a successful, well-known brand name in more than 60 countries around the world, has been a part of the Legrand Group since 1989. Its acquisition of BTicino has given Legrand a brand name that represents, at the international level, the best traditions in Italian design and production.




Legrand Integrated Solutions offers a complete range of specific solutions and services to meet customer and projects requirements

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