Legrand Integrated Solutions has historically always been providing with many trainings on the offered solutions but, due to the pandemic and the consequential travel restrictions, this has changed a lot during 2020-21.

For 2022 we are strongly focusing on hotel Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS). During the first half of the year we have successfully carried multiple online trainings on this specific topic with great audience participation, therefore we would like to invite you to join us on the next sessions taking place on the 25 & 27 of October. During these sessions we will discuss in detail about the hardware & software properties of this range as well as the multiple integration possibilities. We are also organizing hands-on trainings in our Belgium offices to make sure the System Integrators can successfully commission the projects involving the GRMS.

Module 1: RCU BACnet Hardware overview (webinar)

This module is a 2-hour online training that gives the trainee a profound understanding about key products, architecture, topology, and wiring. During this webinar we will learn the basics from the Guest Room Management Systems the Legrand solutions and differentiation.


  • What is GRMS / BMS / BACnet protocol?
  • Legrand GRMS solution – Room Controller Unit
  • Hotel & Room Architecture
  • In Room BUS – protocol SCS
  • Room Controller Unit & Power supply
  • BUS/SCS actuators/dimmer for loads
  • BUS/SCS UX Touch commands
  • BUS/SCS MyHome commands
  • Traditional command
  • ART range
  • Hotel functions
  • Integration with third party system
  • GRMS scalability

Target: after this training, the participants will be able to correctly build the Bill of Materials (BOM) for a GRMS hospitality project.

Dates: 25/10/22 (9:00 am – 11:00 am CET) for subscription use the LIS reserved area or email to: contact.lis@legrand.com  

Duration: 2 hours

Module 2: RCU BACnet Software overview (webinar)

This module will handle our hospitality software. This online training will be given for the trainee to understand how to implement basic functionalities for hospitality automation projects, including lights, curtain & blinds control, motion and light sensors usage & integration.


  • Software presentation
  • Wizard configuration
  • Advanced configuration
  • Scanner Data Matrix
  • RC Update Manager
  • Demo software mock-up room
  • LIS support

Target: after this third 2-hour online training, the participants will be able to not only correctly build the Bill of Materials (BOM) for a GRMS hospitality project but also to understand the available software functions & limitations. They can go in project meetings and discus the required integrations and thus sell this Legrand GRMS offer to projects.

Dates: 27/10/22 (9:00 am – 11:00 am CET) for subscription use the LIS reserved area or email to: contact.lis@legrand.com  

Duration: 2 hours

Module 3 – RCU BACnet Certification training (hands-on, LIS office Belgium)

This module is a real hands-on training and it will take place in the Legrand Integrated Solutions offices, in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. This is mainly a project-oriented training, accessible only to those System Integrators that have a GRMS project with the Legrand BACnet RCU in their pipeline. All participants will be able to train on the system and actually test the solution and large part of time will be spent on specific projects that the participants are working on to make sure they go home with all answers needed.

After this hands-on training, the trainee will have a profound understanding about Guest Room Management System, the solutions and services Legrand Integrated Solutions has to offer in the automation projects.


  • Learn the hardware connections
  • Practice the Software
  • Test your project set-up
  • Software basic mode (2 days)
  • Software expert mode (2 days)

Target: after these trainings, module System Integrators will be able to successfully be commissioning their projects (and mock-up) rooms. They will be able to share and to integrate the Legrand solutions in third-party systems.

Date: Q4 2022  for subscription use the LIS reserved area or email to: contact.lis@legrand.com

Duration: it is a 4 days training split in two parts:

  • Software basic mode (2 days)
  • Software expert mode (2 days)

Pre-requisites: modules 1 & 2

For trainings about Vantage, Hotel solution GRMS SCS (MH201) or the MyHome system please contact our sales team or contact.lis@legrand.com

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