Functionality without sacrificing elegant style or energy savings

Our shading solutions are engineered to bring unmatched innovation and elegance to any space. Our products are created to support smart space functionality without sacrificing elegant style or energy savings.

Fine-tuned integration

Our shading solutions incorporate fine-tuned integration with Vantage system and QMotion® shades so the two work together flawlessly as a single entity. Vantage InFusion Controllers, Equinox user interfaces, and QMotion Q advanced shades deliver an automated shading and lighting solution unmatched by any other.


Live graphical animation on Equinox 41, 73, and apps displays current shade levels and will move in sync with QMotion shades while they’re being raised or lowered.

Battery Level

On Equinox 41, 73, and apps, users are alerted when shade battery levels reach thresholds. With two settings for battery level thresholds (one dealer defined and the other pre-programmed at 25%) users and dealers are notified in advance to replace the battery before optimal performance is jeopardized.


Button Scenes

On Equinox 40 (EQ40) and EasyTouch II keypads, program 1-button shade control to enable users to raise, lower, and stop their shades all from a single button. And as an additional function on EQ40, users can use discrete +/- buttons to send shades to full raise or full lower positions.

Shade level presets provide the end user with the ability to dynamically set and save shade or shade group levels on their Equinox 41, 73, and apps scene widget for fast access to favorite shading scenes.



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