Tomorrow’s working world – smart office trends

September 18, 2018

Technology and the market trends in our society are rapidly transforming the workplace of today. Innovative workplace trends redefine the way we work, so the industry should search for innovative solutions for designing sustainable and flexible workplaces.   

The new culture of work requires that the environment should enhance and be well balanced with the work experience. Here are the smart office trends that we think that are mandatory for the wellbeing of the employees:  

  1. technologized and collaborative environment  

Open space plans, shared offices, meeting rooms, soundproof pods, break areas: to make moving from one way of working to another easier, internet and company data must always be available everywhere. Forget about traditional meeting rooms, instead workers will book rooms purposely built for specific types of meetings. Also, delivering the right lighting is exactly what’s needed in the working environment. A smart lighting management solution can provide an appropriate and dependable response for any office building.  

  1. Ambient Intelligence 

As the element of a pervasive computing environment that enables it to interact with and respond appropriately to the humans in that environment, ambient intelligence is key for the future smart offices. The office of the future must enable workers to better manage work tasks and complexities. In an ambient intelligence world, devices work in concert to support people in carrying out their work activities, tasks and rituals in an easy natural way using information and intelligence that is hidden in the network connecting these devices. As these devices grow smaller, more connected and more integrated into our environment, the technology disappears into our surroundings until only the user interface remains perceivable by users. 

  1. Green design elements to reduce carbon footprint  

Before the approach to implementing technology into a workplace has been a superficial consideration, which can have an undesirable effect to the end design and the potential to create an impractical work environment for employees. While shaping the workplaces of the future, we need to adopt a more intelligent approach to technology and IT infrastructure which can easily increase the mobility and accessibility for a comfortable work environment. A programmed lighting, heating and other uses to optimize their use at a lower cost can be a good start. Also, in commercial buildings, solutions are multiplied to reduce energy use and contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, both in lighting management, office equipment management, security lighting, infrastructure measurement and surveillance. 

As the world is challenged in the reconsideration of skills, technology and work, the world smart office trends change as well.
Contact us and learn how Legrand Integrated Solutions can help your company upgrade your office space and improve the quality of your work environment.  

By Simina Mazureac
Legrand Integrated Solutions



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