Aesthetics, comfort and simplicity through home automation

May 21, 2019

Our latest case study comes from Kapellen, Belgium. 

When the owners were presented to the Vantage Equinox user interface and its unique way to integrate the different controls from their future home, in one uniform interface - both used on in-wall touchscreens and on their personal mobile devices (locally and from remote connection), they were quickly convinced that this was the solution they were looking for!

Energy efficiency was also key for the owners - they insisted to use only LED’s lights in this project and to control all secondary rooms - such as hallways, staircases, restrooms, changing rooms and many more - with motion sensors. Most rooms have an individual temperature control, also with a nearly invisible temperature sensor (FL-temp), The Vantage system and his equinox user interface is in full control of the different temperature settings.

Read the full story here.

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