Available now! Vantage’s Equinox 73-III

March 18, 2019

Vantage’s Equinox 73-III (third generation) active matrix LCD touchscreen continues the Vantage commitment to LCD in-wall control centers. The Equinox 73-III LCD Interface is a dedicated system portal to whole home control.

The 7” touchscreen displays media rich widgets in a dashboard layout. Each widget’s content has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate user experience. Navigate and control, with real time feedback, lighting, audio, climate, weather, and more through a single layer navigation experience.

For additional personalization and control, individual widgets may be edited directly from the touchscreen.

New features: 

- Removed external power supply jack
- New capacitive touch screen
- New internal speaker design and placement
- Price decreased (please check "My area" on our dealer reserved website for your netto pricing)
- Shade widget with detailed Qmotion shade position feedback
- Audio widget with detailed Nuvo metadata feedback
- Lighting widget with detailed Vantage loads feedback
- Camera widget with Fasttel VDE image feedback
- For POE switches and POE injectors please check our Luxul offer.

If you have more questions regarding the product, do not hesitate to contact us at


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