Guest room management solutions for seamless hospitality

November 20, 2023

It is now well known that one of our business goals is to elevate guests' experience by offering cutting-edge room management solutions that enhance their stay by giving them control over the room environment, lighting, temperature and curtains at their fingertips. In short, comfort and well-being are guaranteed! And that's not all! Staff operations are also streamlined with a centralized control to manage all room settings, monitor energy consumption, receive real-time updates on room status and much more. This not only improves efficiency, but also allows staff to provide exceptional service. Moreover, we do not limit to carrying forward our hotel management offer, but to also further highlight the importance of providing more energy-efficient solutions, in line with a growing need for environmental responsibility, for us as manufacturers and our customers as users. Contributing to a greener future and reducing operational costs with our energy-efficient solutions is key, and our products are designed to scale your business through easy-to-integrate modular architecture for highly versatile solutions.

We are therefore happy to be able to share with you the video of one of the recent opportunities we had to showcase our guest room management system where we also presented a preview of our latest solution, the connected thermostat UXOne, modern and elegant, available in the coming months, that we can't wait to offer you!

Watch the full video below

For more info on our existing guest toom management system click here

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