Guest Room Management System integrated solutions

November 21, 2022

  • As a main company target, at Legrand Integrated Solutions we offer integrated solutions with Legrand Group products, although this may seem very logical and complicated at the same time. But what exactly is an "integrated solution"?
  • In upcoming editions of our monthly LIS newsletter, we would like to use these next chapters to provide some real-life examples of how integrations can add value to our products and can put the customer at the center.
  • This month we’ll start with BMS: Building Management Solutions BACnet integration
  • Legrand GRMS (hotel Guest Room Management System) generally allows the guest to control the room functions, but some scenarios within this room may change functionality depending on external parameters. For example, the "Welcome" scenario, which is usually activated when a person enters the room, can have a different action depending on who enters, the guest or the staff. Thanks to the integration of the BMS, this scenario can be different, both for the lighting levels (welcoming or functional) and for the temperature setpoint (comfort or economic).
  • In many hotels we still see those old fashion cardboard hangers on the door handles to indicate if the guest doesn't want to be disturbed or, on the contrary, if they prefer their room to be cleaned. In the Legrand hotel offer we have long since replaced this function with icons directly on the room control buttons and on the corridor indicators, where the words "MUR" (Make Up Room) and "DND" (Do Not Disturb) are displayed. And not only this because now, using the BACnet protocol and BMS integration, we can also communicate this information to staff, so that they can optimize their working hours.
  • Furthermore, let's see how, for example, thanks to the integration between Legrand RCU and the BMS of the Netx automation brand, we have the possibility to offer the guest an application for the smartphone to be able to control the lights, the temperature, and the curtains inside his room even more comfortably. Starting by scanning a QR code that the guest receives after checking in, he can download the dedicated app on his smartphone, with a simple and intuitive layout, which will allow him to control the entire room throughout the stay. Of course, the checkout command will break this option.
  • Eager to learn more about our GRMS BACnet integration solutions? Browse and download the available documentation below:


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