Hushoffice pods, efficient smart office solutions

September 25, 2023

This time we have the pleasure of presenting you a particular and impactful application: the microoffice, as meeting room, by Hushoffice. Recent global circumstances have significantly reshaped the way we see and use workspaces which are becoming ever more dynamic, employee-centric, and very sustainability-oriented. As companies adapt to remote working and employee preferences for flexibility evolve, the concept of the office has undergone a fundamental reconsideration. Aiming to provide a safe and comfortable environment that supports collaboration, innovation and changing needs in an increasingly digital and mobile world, modern workplaces leverage technologies that improve employee productivity and efficiency and are, at the same time, sustainable. With their compact size, highly ergonomic, flexible, and easy to place anywhere in the working environment, the pods from Hushoffice meet all these criteria, also thanks to Legrand's energy efficient lighting management solutions.

Read the full case study here.

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