Hybrid Systems Legrand MyHome & Vantage Infusion controller

February 17, 2021

At Legrand integrated solutions it’s our mission to answer the different needs of every customer in his automation project. Some of the most powerful tools to achieve a customized solution are the combination and integration of different Legrand group products or even the addition of third-party products where needed.

One of the commonly used combinations is the Legrand MyHome system with the Vantage infusion controller. Where the MyHome system is focusing on the mid-market with stylish user interfaces and affordable actuators, Vantage is focusing more on the premium segment and third-party integrations using an enhanced software to define flexible customizable conditions and tasks.

Customers can now mix and enjoy the benefits from both systems in one project, just to name only a few of the possibilities:

  • - MyHome dimmers controlled from the Equinox user interfaces
  • - Vantage conditional tasks from Living Now button presses
  • - MyHome shutter actuators controlled with an equinox shade widget
  • - Vantage motions sensor tasks controlling MyHome lights, Nuvo Music and third-party temperature control all at ones
  • ... and so many more

Technically this two-way communication can be simply established by using the standard Vantage IP port on the main controller and the MyHome TCP-IP gateway. All you need to do is to connect them both on the network and use the Vantage-MyHome software driver to define the details of the communication. Keep in mind also that such projects can be even more cost efficient by using the Infusion Lite controller.


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