ICALIS & PHILIPS HUE integration

February 21, 2022

  • The latest novelty that Icalis has to show off is the Philips Hue integration thanks to the dedicated driver created in the Icalis server.
  • The driver installation is easy while the connection is even easier by only pressing the Hue Bridge button on the top. Icalis will then auto discover all the connected Hue devices such as sockets, white dimmable lights, ambiance/ CCT lights and RGB bulbs. After automatic update, the connected Hue lights will be shown in a new created area within the Icalis app where the user can change the layout, move items to different areas or even create favorites areas as he/she wishes. Lights management within the app is quite simple thanks to the ON/OFF buttons or the slider for dimmable lights and color temperature as well as the color wheel for specific colors settings.
  • Philips Hue ON/OFF and light level control can be done also thanks to the Alexa integration with Icalis.
  • Discover more about Icalis, new drivers, and all possible integrations made available here

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