Light + Building fair: one event, many new solutions and opportunities

March 25, 2024

Attending Light + Building fair in Frankfurt this year has been an electrifying experience, a unique opportunity to showcase many Legrand products on a global stage and engage with customers from different backgrounds. The energy, innovation, and connections we have created are invaluable, as has been sharing cutting-edge ideas to stay ahead of industry trends and gain first-hand knowledge of the technologies shaping the future of highly energy efficient buildings. As a co-exhibitor, the Legrand Integrated Solutions team has welcomed and guided the visitors through live demonstrations of our latest solutions in guest room management (GRMS), lighting management (LM), and building management systems (BMS) that can really improve our customers’ business operations.


At Legrand, we recognize the importance of reducing environmental impact without compromising guests’ comfort. Our connected and scalable hotel solutions not only enhance the guest experience but also contribute to the sustainability of tertiary buildings. Through innovative technologies and intelligent designs, we enable independent operators and hoteliers to provide guests with the best possible connected experience while meeting the challenges of sustainability head-on. To best ensure such high level of in-room experience, Legrand has added UXOne in the hotel solutions portfolio. All-in-one, UXOne is a smart and intuitive Guest Room Management System device embedded in the thermostat and with built-in sensors to control all room equipment according to room occupancy. Its main driver provides room energy efficiency in combination with easy-at-use and fascinating design. UXOne is ideal for retrofit since it is enough to replace the existing thermostat without the need of renovation work nor extra cabling. In addition, the compatibility with Legrand radio wiring devices allows to add functions, scenarios and create automations very easily and cost-effective. Moreover, the solution will be directly linked to the entire hotel ecosystem to guarantee the best stay proposal from Guest Check-In to Check-Out. All in-room information are shared with hotel staff in order to provide the guest with the maximum level of service and staff efficiency. Beside all the functions, the system has also a “green heart” embedding logics and automation to guarantee significant energy savings (i.e. the thermostat goes in “protection mode” if the window, with the dedicated sensor, is open). This will ensure that heating or cooling will switch-off without waste and ensuring energy saving. Open to 3rd party integration thanks to the standard BACnet and MQTT protocols, UXOne is an ideal solution that adds value to your projects.


Energy cost is a major fact while making decision related to commercial buildings as it represents an average 20% of building’s operating expenses. Whether it is new buildings or renovations, Legrand can help implement a highly energy-efficient approach and meet all regulatory requirements to reduce the building's energy consumption while optimizing the operation of technical equipment. This is why we decided to introduce an appropriate system specifically for these needs: the Next Generation BMS, a scalable solution ideal for small and medium commercial buildings where one or more sites can be managed from the same interface. For example, a commercial building manager can automatically apply energy-saving rules to his/her entire portfolio or be notified on the smartphone app wherever he/she is. Next Generation BMS from Legrand enables information to be retrieved from a variety of building equipment: lighting, door contacts, switchgear , energy measurement, and also heating-ventilation-air-conditioning via solutions from external, specialized partners. Mainly aimed at installers and facility managers, the Legrand BMS offer is designed to empower building efficiency, monitoring, maintenance, and control. The Next Generation BMS solution comes with a customizable dashboard with a wide selection of widgets for a fully personalized user experience. Our goal is to make building professionals completely autonomous with their solution, so they can make informed decisions to improve the energy performance of the building.


It is well known by now that Lighting Management systems play a crucial role in optimizing and controlling the lighting environment within a building. One of the primary functions of a LM system is to minimize energy consumption by intelligently controlling the operation of lighting fixtures. This includes dimming or turning off lights in unoccupied areas, adjusting light levels based on natural daylight availability, and scheduling lighting operations to align with occupancy patterns. By reducing energy usage, a LM system can lead of course to significant cost savings on electricity bills for building owners and occupants. Comfort and well-being of buildings' occupants are also improved as a LM system allows also a more pleasant and productive environment.
In a commercial building, lighting accounts for 15% of the total electricity consumed. The implementation of an efficient lighting control enables the reduction of electrical consumption and the cost saving by switching ON/OFF the light automatically when people are present. To extend the LM portfolio, Legrand introduces two new smart sensor ranges for the commercial market, always with the aim of optimizing energy savings and guaranteeing comfort.
The first smart sensor range is called Light Up and, once installed, it detects not only motion and light level, which results in light adjustment in the room, but it measures also temperature, humidity, sound level, air quality, amount of people in the room. As an immediate consequence Light Up sends this info to the BMS which will enable actions based on preconfigured rules. The Light Up offer meets the needs of buildings for lighting management, without changing wiring habits but with a reduced installation time, thanks to the configuration by the Close Up application or the possibility of overriding with a battery-free wireless control. The Light Up presence detectors are compatible with ON/OFF and DALI 2 luminaires and part of the Next Generation BMS.
The second LM solution that Legrand brings forward is Polaris, a monitoring SW only for lighting control, already available in Encellium. Polaris offer is a DALI2 system solution ideal for large commercial buildings such as shopping mall, hospital, data center, campus and office towers. With its simple and intuitive software, wired or radio controls and sensors, it allows facility managers to easily adapt lighting management to the flexibility requirements of large commercial buildings.

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