LIS integrates Legrand brands part 3: Guest Room Management System & VANTAGE

April 28, 2020

This is the last article from the series, where every week we showed you how easy it is to integrate Legrand brands with Legrand Integrated Solutions and upgrade your project to the latest technologies available within the group. 

Legrand has a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for all areas of the hotel, to meet every specific requirement, and Guest Room Management System clearly exemplifies the full integration with other brands. 

The GRMS (Guest Room Management System) is the automation system of the hotel room, that manages information sent by the commands, allowing to operate many functions integrated with Vantage, such as:

- Light management (ON/OFF or dimmer);
- Openings (curtains, rolling shutters and so on);
- Launch different scenarios;

Vantage is a perfect integrated system because it makes a clear difference in the luxury hotel by design, simplicity, and ambiance. GRMS integrated with Vantage offers a level of control and automation beyond any guest's experience, while still offering design flexibility; the users will appreciate the ability to control the lighting and the  temperature easily through the user-friendly interfaces, integrated on a single system. 

The system can be integrated with hotels’ booking systems, enabling a true personalization of the whole hotel experience.
For more details, have a look at our dedicated brochure here.

We remain at your disposal if you have any questions regarding the integration with GRMS & Vantage. 

Technical Team

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