Uninterruptible Power Supply

November 20, 2023

Empower your peace of mind with uninterruptible power supply

In today's fast-paced world, uninterrupted access to power is more critical than ever, whether you are running a hotel business or simply ensuring your residential system functionality.
At Legrand Integrated Solutions, we are committed to bringing the most optimal, energy-efficient solutions to your projects to enhance the reliability and resilience of your residential or commercial setup. It is therefore natural for us to want to expand our offer for your projects with this ultimate solution: the Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).
Imagine you are working diligently on a critical project or running your hotel and suddenly there is an unexpected power outage, your electrical installation shuts down, devices disconnect, your digital life disrupts, or you find yourself in the dark with no surveillance system working either. Apart from the obvious discomfort, this can lead to valuable productivity or potential data loss, and even costly equipment damage. This is where a UPS comes to the rescue providing a seamless transition to backup power, ensuring your installation remains up, smoothly and safely running.
Benefits are invaluable, mainly where downtime isn't an option, so, do we need to give you more reasons to consider adding an UPS to your system that can guarantee functional continuity in your projects during power outages?

What is our UPS offer?
As you know by now, sustainability is a cornerstone of our Legrand Integrated Solutions business, so it's no different when we recommend even just one UPS for your projects. We believe that energy-efficient solutions such as UPS give our offer a further chance to best respond to your needs.
Legrand has a long experience and a wide portfolio in UPS products but, to simplify, at Legrand Integrated Solutions we will concentrate only on one UPS range which is DAKER DK PLUS, best compatible with our typical home automation projects.
DAKER DK PLUS is a single-phase conventional on‑line double conversion UPS that can be used in both tower and 19” rack configurations, with a user-friendly LCD display that can be rotated to match the position. The main parameters of the system and the status of the UPS, including the battery charge level and faults, are displayed directly on the LCD display. Depending on the model, the power goes from 1 to 10KVA with external matching battery cabinets to increase the back-up time. DAKER DK PLUS comes with a built-in software for control, while communication is via Wi-Fi adapter or even dry contacts.

What is Legrand Integrated Solutions strategy?
As your solution provider, we will automatically add a UPS to all your quotations from now on.
If you do not need the above-mentioned solution, you can simply remove it or contact us for more details to finalize the suggested solution.
As mentioned above, since we have such a wide range of UPS within the Legrand group, we can offer solutions for every type of project with different features and capacities, from small multi-socket solutions to very powerful three-phase solutions. Therefore, if you are looking for more of these solutions, we will be happy to put you in touch with a local specialist/distribution channel, so do not hesitate to contact us at

Don't let power outages disrupt your life or operations, stay powered up and enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind!

Discover our UPS offer here.

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