iPhone / iPod Touch App Free Design

  • Works on any iPhone/iPod Touch over 3G and Wi-Fi
  • Gives complete freedom in touchscreen design
  • Real-time feedback
  • 1 Licence key per device
  • License transferable to other devices
  • Compatible with iOS7 and higher
  • Demo from Itunes store

This iPhone/iPodTouch App Transform your iPhone/iPodTouch into a fully customizable mobile touchscreen for your Vantage home entertainment and lighting system.
Control your Vantage audio, lighting, climate, camera and much more with your iPhone/iPodTouch. The app is designed to provide homeowners with simple, intuitive control of their homes from any iPhone/iPodTouch.

It’s very easy to implement full Vantage touchscreen functionality on your iPhone/iPodTouch. You can simply copy your Vantage touchscreen layout, or you can create your own layout and use it anywhere to control any room, any home or any office. Users benefit from real-time feedback on room temperature, lighting levels, whole-home scenes and camera surveillance.

The ability to browse and play Vantage music sources, use the Vantage touchscreen as a remote control for your television set or home theatre system, or select a radio station makes it easy to set the scene for a perfect evening of entertaining at home.

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