Available now: Adorne – Vantage Low-Voltage Keypad

October 9, 2018

The keypad combines modern design aesthetic of Legrand’s adorne line with powerful lighting controls technology from Vantage Controls. It features an innovative capacitive TouchTM feature that turns lights on and off with just a subtle touch of the finger. This is developed through the application of “projected” capacitive touch technology built with a transparent or clear capacitive touch membrane – a first in the industry.

Projected capacitive touch, used in all LCD-based smartphones that consumers have grown accustomed to, has now made its way into the lighting control keypad station, but without the high costs associated with LCDs. This blended capacitive capability with a traditional backlit interface provides homeowners the benefits of high-resolution quality, quick response speed, and visual and tactile appeal as well as improved cost of entry over legacy stations. In addition, this approach brings added technological advances, greater user experience, and more design opportunities.

Features include:

  • High precision multi-touch functionality: responds to simple touch.
  • Room-by-room or whole house scene control: able to control up to 3,600+ lighting loads through the Vantage InFusionTM lighting control system and offers programmable control.
  • Wider variety of aesthetic options: can match with other adorne collection products such as outlets, connectivity devices, and wall plates.
  • Multiple design options: available in 1-, 3-, or 6-button configurations per switch with personalized engraving.
  • Programmable buttons: makes it a perfect solution to reduce wall clutter. Create light scene descriptives such as "Welcome" or “Away."

Read more about the product here:



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