Adorne – Vantage Low-Voltage Keypad


• Responds instantly to button press regardless of system size
• Accepts multi-event programming on a single button
• Auxiliary connection for motion sensors, wood and metal door contacts, light sensors, etc.
• Communication and power via the standard Vantage two-wire, non-polarized Station Bus
• RGB status indication
• Available in 1, 3 or 6 button configuration
• Available in White or Magnesium
• Fits in the Legrand Adorne, Arteor and Mosaic range as well as the Bticino Axolute range.

Faceplates and mounting brackets are sold separately from Legrand® distributors around the world.

The Adorne® capacitive-touch style keypad from Legrand® enhances the range of design options available from Vantage®. Stations may be configured with 1*, 3*, or 6 “button” touch points, plus support for the auxiliary connection port (new four wire version). Aesthetically consistent with all adorne below chair rail electrical and low-voltage devices. Each of the programmable Touch Switch buttons are evenly backlit with a built in diffuser and tri-color LEDs. The programmable backlight color indicates the button status.

Adorne keypads are designed and programmed through Design Center software (3.8.xx or higher). Installation is very simple, requiring a proprietary 2-wire Vantage Station Bus pigtail connection. Faceplates and mounting brackets are sold separately. Visit www.legrand.us/ adorne or www.vantagecontrols.com/adorne.

“Buttons” have RGB LED color change indication for scene state with intensity based on ambient light levels. This allows for both personalization of the keypad and a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Combine unique LED colors and faceplate styles for a fully customized interface. This keypad features a built-in ambient light sensor for automatic day/ night backlight intensity control. 

Adorne® employs timeless design with a hightech touch and is ideal for any application. Focused on luxury residential, InFusion has the capacity to accomplish whatever automated lighting needs the project might require. Programmable buttons make it a perfect solution for reduced wall clutter. Adorne keypads can be paired with Equinox touchscreens to fulfill a complex project’s requirements or used alone for smaller projects and/or those expected to expand.



Adorne Vantage Low Voltage Keypad Cutsheet


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For support in the North American zone please contact Contact Customer Support | Legrand

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