Equinox 7” LCD Touchscreen

  • Removed external power supply jack
  • New capacitive touch screen
  • New internal speaker design and placement
  • Price decreased (please check “My area” on our dealer reserved website for your netto pricing)
  • Shade widget with detailed Qmotion shade position feedback
  • Audio widget with detailed Nuvo metadata feedback
  • Lighting widget with detailed Vantage loads feedback
  • Camera widget with Fasttel VDE image feedback
  • 7” LCD touchscreen
  • Titanium TrimLine II frame; black glass-to- edge surface aesthetic
  • Unique widget based graphical user interface
  • Aesthetically identical to other Equinox products
  • Ambient light sensor for auto day/night backlighting
  • Each Equinox device includes one software license for the Equinox app
  • Motion sensor screen on and initiate task
  • Three visible widgets with full screen and edit modes
  • 90% daily control, customize through additional screen levels
  • Gesture, flick, tap, and swipe
  • Aesthetic and user interface consistency with Equinox 41 and tablet apps (Android and iOS)


Equinox 73 is a high bright LCD touchscreen that is always on and always available. The touchscreen provides immediate control and status for three sub-systems via three vibrant widgets at a time. It offers a simple, smart tablet type navigation experience with complete consistency across EQ 41 touchscreens, EQ 40 keypads, and EQ apps for mobile devices. The EQ 73 dashboard view (homescreen) offers immediate status and control of day to day functions. Navigate to the second or full screen layer for more specific, less used operations. The edit mode layer is then used for users to schedule and update pre-defined tasks. Utilizing the combined power of InFusion and Design Center software, Equinox 73 can be auto configured with subsequent updates delivered through Design Center or on the EQ 73 screen.

The pre-defined graphical environment allows installers and programmers to efficiently create intuitive screens that are consistent with the entire user environment. The common graphical user interface with swipe and touch consolidates EQ 73’s consistency with mobile tablets and phones. With the unique profiles feature, users are given the ability to personalize their experience. The touchscreen gives users the ultimate power by allowing them to schedule, edit, and prioritize the control functions that matter most to them.



Equinox 73TB-TI-III_sellsheet

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For support in the North American zone please contact Contact Customer Support | Legrand

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