Project Challenge

The city of Rome is the heart of Italy and the impressive San Pietro Dome by Michelangelo is one of its most evocative views. This beautiful residence was built with a wide view right on this splendid panorama. In this project realization, the preference was given to more natural looking materials, such as wood and marble with a warm color. To maintain this natural feeling, the owner wished that his house project had a strong technological heart yet hidden from the sight, with the opportunity to be expanded or changed over time, according to the family needs. Driven by this desire to maintain as natural a decor as possible, in a specific room, such as the home theater space for example, he opted for a large high-end speaker so that the latter could be part of the decor itself.

The Solution

Here's where Vantage entered the scene to meet all customer needs. This complete Vantage solution allowed the owner to have two distinct levels of control: one for everyday living and one for supervision at specific times, with remote access when away from home but also from the inside, through a wall interface. Instead of large commands, with too many keys that could be difficult to use or remember, the owner preferred compact and easy to use keypads for the various room functions control. Vantage keypads have naturally been the best choice. Their multipage configuration and the button label on two rows option permitted to have a keyboard for light and automation that became a keyboard for the audio-video multiform system control in the second page. So, Vantage keypads became the fastest way to control lights, drapes, audio, and scenario in every room while the colored led ensured the function status check on every button function.
When it comes to supervision, the Sweet Home application was the obvious choice. Thanks to the remote updating, the customer can request small or large graphic changes that become active as soon as we make them. The supervision dashboard controls every aspect of his home, both from inside and outside the house, including the integration of the security system and the H265 cameras. The multiroom audio has been well integrated, too, via the Vantage matrix while the audio stream can also be listened to in a dedicated home theater room with high-end speakers and amplifier.

Project Benefits

  • All-round comfort and functionality
  • Simple, polish and high technology design combined
  • Totally customizable Touch Screen interface
  • Customizable Alexa Voice Control
  • Application Type: Residential
  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • Project Management: Dott. Alessandro Ruggeri – Lifetronic s.r.l.
  • Download the full case study here.


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For support in the North American zone please contact Contact Customer Support | Legrand

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