Project Challenge

The Legrand team needed to find a space that fit their needs—or, ideally, one they could tailor to their own specifications. They got what they were looking for in the Pleasant Grove site.
Daylighting was a key feature attracting Legrand to the new building, as it benefits from an abundance of natural light. The original architect paid tribute to the great Utah outdoors by incorporating glass walls, and structural bracing was moved inside to allow nature to flow into the space. While posing certain challenges, this design preserved the magnificent views, and employees love the natural light and connection to the outdoors.
As a bonus, the space provided the perfect setting for integrated lighting and shading control for daylight harvesting.

The Solution

Once the space was chosen, designers outfitted it with the latest Legrand products for enhanced productivity, energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. This powerful combination provides the best lighting controls available, not only exceeding code requirements but also drastically increasing energy savings and improving usability. Legrand lighting controls systems (InFusion and DLM) are Internet connected, providing an additional layer of convenience and flexibility.
Adhering to Legrand’s core principles, the facility incorporates numerous energy-efficient technologies. As Utah has recently adopted the 2015 IECC energy code (among the most stringent in the nation), Legrand’s Wattstopper and Vantage solutions combined to reducelighting power density to 30% below target requirements. They achieved this by installing a combination of dimming controls, light and occupancy sensors, plug load controls, energy-efficient LED lighting, and by fine-tuning lighting levels for each specific zone, room, and area.

The installation of QMotion shading systems on all exterior windows promotes natural light, reduces heat gain, and provides glare control. The motorized shades are automated and enhance aesthetics both inside and outside. Employees can easily manage the entire lighting and shading system through intuitive Equinox touchscreen controls, and all LED lighting is further controlled by light and motion sensors. When there’s plenty of natural light, the fixtures dim or turn off; when no one is present, the fixtures also automatically turn off.

Project Benefits

• The original building design highlighted a connection to nature, making it a perfect venue for integrated lighting and shading deployment.
• The addition of automatic QMotion shading systems enhances both aesthetics and comfort levels.
• Employee-level controls result in even lower energy usage, as daylighting strategies alone frequently provide sufficient illumination.
• Intuitive interfaces provide simple employee environmental control.
• The use of multiple complimentary Legrand systems in a real-life environment provides proof of concept for visitors as well as motivation for our empowered, innovative employees.

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