Legrand Integrated Solutions integrates Legrand brands

September 9, 2020

During this series, we showed you how easy it is to integrate Legrand brands with Legrand Integrated Solutions and upgrade your project to the latest technologies available within the group. 

1/ The recently added functionality for Luxul in Vantage projects enhances features and functionality for your projects. When you add the Luxul Managed Switch Driver to your project, you can turn ON and OFF Poe ports from a specific Vantage scene. Read the full article here. 
2/ The new possibility to integrate Legrand MyHOME solutions with Vantage InFusion opens a world of opportunities in-home systems, and it is now available with Legrand Integrated Solutions. Third-party integration with Home Entertainment or HVAC  is now a simple and reliable way to customize any project. Read the full article here.
3/ Legrand has a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for all areas of the hotel, to meet every specific requirement, and Guest Room Management System clearly exemplifies the full integration with other brands. GRMS integrated with Vantage offers a level of control and automation beyond any guest's experience, while still offering design flexibility. Read the full article here. 

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have comments or questions about the integration at support. 


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