December 22, 2020

We are delighted to present you with the 5 best commercial case studies developed and supported internationally by Legrand Integrated Solutions distributors. All the products installed in these projects cover the wide Vantage system range.

Get inspired to upgrade your projects with our cutting-edge products!

1. Automated solutions for one of the top five restaurants in the world
Restaurante CENTRAL is located in Lima, Peru. It is one of the top five restaurants in the world, run by Virgilio Martinez who received the 2017 Chef’s Choice Award, placing himself at the top of the gastronomy world. He is also featured in the famous Netflix series "Chef's Table", season 1. Read more here.

2. Commercial project for the largest bank in Peru
The project "BCP LAB Agency" needed full automation, through smart integrated solutions. Vantage & Nuvo products were the perfect fit for this project. Read more here

3. Pleasant Grove Utah Facility
The Legrand team needed to find a space that fit their needs—or, ideally, one they could tailor to their own specifications. They got what they were looking for in the Pleasant Grove site. Read more here.

4. Grand Canyon Visitor Center
As interest and participation in the stargazing sessions grew, the park decided to upgrade their lighting control system to be able to turn off (or dim) pole lighting in the parking lots and dim walking path lighting systems to better accommodate the evening sessions. Read more here.

5. Tomaro Design Group
Vantage installations highlighted the simplicity that Neil Splonskowski’s Lighting Design has built into its previous systems, where innovative design encounters an equally innovative system. Read more here. 

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