Project Challenge

Debuting in spring 2023, the bucolic, lush green hills of Portugal’s Algarve region will set the stage for Viceroy at Ombria Resort. Conceived by architectural firm WATG, Viceroy Algarve will boast 147 hotel rooms and 99 residential units as apartments, villas, and townhouses. Ombria Resort is environmentally committed, guided by good sustainability practices in balance with nature. Following a bioclimatic architectural design, the Ombria Resort buildings will ensure a perfect harmony between the inside and the outside to increase energy efficiency while reducing the environmental footprint. The local natural resources together with the technology of the solutions implemented that extend the building life cycle allow this project to guarantee the life quality and the essential well-being of the inhabitants. In a perfect combination of the innovative and the traditional, the resort will be an extension of the region landscape, while preserving the architectural Algarve roots in harmony with the local environment.

The Solution

Designed to obtain the maximum benefit from the natural resources of the area for a long-term sustainability, the resort’s HVAC systems are adaptable to the particularities of the region’s climate, allowing guests and residents to breathe the fresh air of the surrounding nature. Like the HVAC systems, the lighting of the entire project, both exterior and interior, was also designed to optimize consumptions. Centralized control system for indoor and outdoor lighting accompanies the evolution of natural light, climate, and the occupation of spaces throughout the day, to maximize equipment duration and overall energy efficiency. The requirement level of the investor and operator could only be satisfied with an integrated solution at all levels such as the one implemented by Legrand able to meet all needs. The rooms size drove the choice towards a GRMS system with the addition of modules for outputs (taking into account the amount of lighting), thermostats integration with a centralized Daikin system, virtual keycard implementation through the detection of room occupancy, DND/MUR control and reporting, differentiation of the type of room occupancy and finally the need to use touch panels with symbols and texts for easy use and unique experience.

Project Benefits

  • Cost reduction as GRMS allows greater simplicity and efficiency in energetic terms by reducing consumptions by up to 30-40%
  • Stand out from competitors as technology, efficiency, design, and more guest services provide added value which equals upscale quality hotel 
  • Full interface and control devices to optimize guests’ experience, staff operations, and ensure supervision directly from reception
  • Improved management and energy efficiency help to reduce waste and embrace an optimized, environmentally friendly business model
  • 8000 meters of BUS cable installed
  • Per room: Room Control Unit, power supply & 3 Bus relay modules
  • 1200 UX panels completely customized in finishing, symbols, and texts
  • 20 different room types depending on typology and installation location
  • ARTEOR range with custom glass mirror for power sockets and USB chargers
  • Integration with Building Management System and heating/cooling system
  • Investor: Quinta da Ombria
  • Tour operator: Viceroy Hotels & Resorts
  • Supervision: Engexpor
  • Contractor (HVAC, technical and centralized management, hydraulic and sanitary installations, fire and gas networks): Sotécnica by VINCI Energies
  • Systems Integrator: Domótica SGTA
  • Download the full case study here.


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