DIN Low Voltage Output Station

  • Loads 1 to 4: LVOS or PWM
  • Loads 5 to 8: LVOS
  • Manual actuator button
  • 4 Dry contact inputs
  • LVOS output 0-10V / 100mA
  • PWM output 12V
  • PWM 100mA/channel / 400mA total
  • Needs external power supply (14–36VDC)
  • 9 DIN modules wide
  • 1x DIN-Power-MC (24VDC/4A) external power supply per 5x LVOS-0-10-PWM stations

The Low Voltage Output Station DIN is used for the control and automation of fluorescent loads or LEDs requiring low voltage or PWM for dimming control. Each LVOS-0-10-PWM-DIN features eight outputs of which four can be configured as low voltage or PWM outputs and the other four as only low voltage. The LVOS-0-10-PWM-DIN consists also of four dry contact inputs used to receive input from buttons, motion sensors, door contacts, stress sensors, and more. Connections three and four can also be used to connect a Vantage remote IR receiver and a Vantage sensor respectively.



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