Project Challenge

The luxurious mansion Villa Ricotta, located in Sierra Blanca, in the exclusive area of Marbella, took three years to rise and become one of the most impressive homes in the place, known to be also among the best residential bespoke projects realized by Camar Marble. Built by British developer Joe Ricotta, the villa was designed with the most innovative technologies and the best professionals boasting a great international relevance. This huge private house is made in Spanish limestone, White Paloma, and stands out for its elegance, in which the harmony and balance of the Ionic and Corinthian columns remind us of the splendor of the best times of classical architecture which also gives continuity to Marbella's significant archaeological heritage. The interiors of various materials and colors, have all been realized of the highest quality to match the exterior work. It was therefore important in this project to have an installation for managing the main home functions, that could integrate perfectly into the villa style without altering it, with the same elegance and sophistication.

The Solution

To best satisfy such a sophisticated project, we provided our top Vantage solutions and third-party integrations. Homeowners can now easily manage all lighting, shades, and temperature systems through the Vantage EasyTouch and Equinox 40 keypads, where different scenes efficiently control all the home functions. Equinox 40 also acts as a room thermostat for a simple and intuitive HVAC and heating floor systems control. Small mini motion sensors control the lights in the corridors, halls, toilets, dressing rooms, so lights turn on only when needed based on the time of day. Vantage fitted perfectly also in the music and video systems integration for an even fuller user experience. Simple control of the sonos zones or the “hidden cinema” rooms, where a motorized cinema-screen and projector come out of the ceiling with the “Movie” scene, is also made possible thanks to the Vantage keypads. Most of the lights are under the DALI protocol. Here, through the DALI2.0 gateways, Vantage helps efficiently with the integration and the use of more than 450 DALI addresses in the system. The multiple benefits of the Vantage products in this project are remarkable as they allow easy and full control of all implemented functions, even in special rooms such as the dedicated cinema room, games rooms, indoor pool, or bedrooms with “hidden” cinema rooms.
This stunning project also won the "Premios Macael" design award in 2017 for the best international villa in 2017.

Project Benefits

  • Elegant design, made with the most innovative technologies, the best professionals, and a high-end efficient home installation to provide everyday comfort and ease of use for an all-round home control experience
  • Vantage Infusion Controllers II
  • Vantage dimmers
  • Vantage relay stations
  • DALI 2.0 gateway
  • Equinox-40 with build-in temperature sensor
  • Virtual thermostats with control from EQ40
  • Vantage EasyTouch Keypads
  • Vantage mini motion sensors
  • HVAC interface for Daikin VRV integration
  • Shades, projection screens & lifts integration
  • System Integrator: Domosat
  • Installations: GlobalTechGroup Marbella
  • Building Company: PCL Innova
  • Architect: Jesus del Valle
  • Download the full case study here.


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