Villa Portofino, iconic, modern, grand mansion in Sierra Blanca
June 27, 2023

Villa Portofino is one-of-a-kind modern villa located in the highly sought-after estate of Sierra Blanca, Marbella, designed by an award-winning Spanish architect and built to the highest standards. This project impresses with the very latest technology available, the innovative contemporary-style architecture and bespoke interior design with avant-garde touches that showcase the perfect mix of cutting-edge technology, advanced eco-friendly features, and opulent aesthetics. Nestled on an elevated corner plot of 2,935 m², this south-facing mansion of 1.941 m² admires the picture-perfect views to the lush greenery of the landscaped garden and idyllic surroundings, the Mediterranean Sea and Andalusian mountains. This high-end 3-floor property takes advantage of the local climate allowing outdoor areas to blend perfectly with the indoor ones, boasting 8-bedroom suites, fabulous sea views and a full SPA in the basement. Huge glass facades allow maximum light into this gorgeous property, and the abundance of glass and blend of natural materials gives the overall finish a super modern feel.

Akadémia Garden, style, technology, and energy efficiency meet
April 21, 2023

Akadémia Garden is a stylish residential building with a minimalist façade, located in the developing area at the intersection of Haller Street, Mester Street and the Könyves Kálmán Boulevard. This section of the city is being completely transformed in an urban renewal project like that of the Corvin Quarter, providing residents with a modern urban environment and a new range of services. This new property development enhances the area around the iconic gate, statues, and protected buildings of Közvágó Bridge, creating a stylish new location which combines historical traditions with modern features.

Villa Ricotta, awarded beauty, nobility, and technology combination
March 28, 2023

The luxurious mansion Villa Ricotta, located in Sierra Blanca, in the exclusive area of Marbella, took three years to rise and become one of the most impressive homes in the place, known to be also among the best residential bespoke projects realized by Camar Marble. Built by British developer Joe Ricotta, the villa was designed with the most innovative technologies and the best professionals boasting a great international relevance. This huge private house is made in Spanish limestone, White Paloma, and stands out for its elegance, in which the harmony and balance of the Ionic and Corinthian columns remind us of the splendor of the best times of classical architecture which also gives continuity to Marbella's significant archaeological heritage. The interiors of various materials and colors, have all been realized of the highest quality to match the exterior work. It was therefore important in this project to have an installation for managing the main home functions, that could integrate perfectly into the villa style without altering it, with the same elegance and sophistication.

Wonderful Italian residence, where art, design, and nature blend with technology
September 15, 2022

The owner, Mr. Antonio, is a prominent entrepreneur living in Southern Italy who owns within his residence sophisticated furniture, unique crystal chandeliers and an exciting garden. He's fond of detail and balance, does not accept compromises and loves living his life at the top with his wonderful family. For the beauty of the location, the uniqueness of the furnishings and a stunning garden, he needed his residence to have home automation solutions with a refined look and feel, something that could blend with his and his villa's sense of taste and design. The solution had to include lighting and motorizations management primarily, with simple and useful control for the whole family characterized by complete and advanced integration in terms of audio video, entertainment, and safety. The watchword was "let's create the scene!". Not a simple sequence of actions but refined lighting scenarios, advanced audio video management for unlimited entertainment, all to align and, if possible, overcome the sense of value that one lives in this fantastic residence. The system therefore had to be equipped with the latest technology, capable of merging with this unique and valuable looking property.

Beautiful residence in Cremona, Italy: new dedicated application to maximize project customization
April 27, 2022

The owner's family love for technology was the first driver in the realization of this beautiful residential project in Cremona, Italy. Above all, they loved to have a reliable and personalized opportunity to control every aspect of their lifestyle from a single interface. So, the main goal in this project was to have a single interface to control every function of their home: lights, blinds, HVAC, security system, security cameras, audio video sources and zones, advanced weather station and so on. And not only that, they wanted to maintain the same level of control even while they are away from home, remotely, but with a high level of network security.

Biosphera Genesis the first Icalis project
November 25, 2021

Aiming to increase attention on environment sustainable solutions, wherever applicable, and motivate people to become active in this sector, with over 12 years of experimentation and scientific research, Biosphera Genesis is an eco-sustainable and self-sufficient housing module that produces 8 times the energy consumed and employs 95% less energy than a traditional home. This biophilic building project, inspired by Sense Design, was conceived by Mirko Taglietti, CEO of Aktivhaus - Nexlogic Group, in collaboration with numerous institutions, universities and companies, including Sto Italia from the energy efficiency buildings sector. The project boasts the most prestigious certifications in the sector and it's an economically accessible construction model created for the hotel industry, but applicable to any other segment in the tertiary, private, and commercial sectors.

Luxury Villas in Sarrià, Barcelona
May 20, 2021

In these 6 single-family villas project there was a need to manage in each one of them the control of different functions within the home system, such as: 56 blind and shutter motors, 12 underfloor heating zones and 9 Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning zones, flood, smoke and gas technical alarms, intercom inside the houses and video door entry communication with the external units and of course the lighting and general scenarios that needed to be integrated as well.

Siesta Key Residence, Florida
March 8, 2021

As part of a renovation of their luxury condo on Siesta Key Beach, Florida, the homeowners wanted to upgrade their Vantage lighting control system with modern keypads to complement the home’s new look. Vantage newest EasyTouch Glass keypads offered a more elegant look and fewer buttons for a less complicated control experience. To cut down on the buttons needed and simplify the control experience, one-touch scenes were programmed. These scenes allow for control over entire rooms, while still maintaining discrete control over a few choice lighting loads, like the dining room chandelier. In addition, the condo’s existing lighting scenes — “All On” and “All Off” — required modifications to provide independent lighting control for the owners’ children in the guest suites. ​​​

Elegant Residence with MyHOME Integrated
February 18, 2021

This is one beautiful residence whose refined and essential design draws on an almost minimalist living space approach while meeting realistic functionality concerns for the homeowner.
The interior designer and owner of this 75 sqm apartment was looking for a reliable home automation installation with not only new but really innovative features, he thus started to explore our smart solutions for his new home.

Luxurious Villa in Sierra Blanca
January 20, 2021

This amazing villa, with beautiful marble floors, exquisite rooms and a magnificent home theater, needed a sophisticated but easy-to-use system, with sleek and elegant controls. Innovative solutions, designed to add comfort, convenience, and safety to the spaces that matter most for the owners, ensure audio distribution throughout the rooms, full control of lighting, clima, sources and blinds.

Full control, design and simplicity for this superior Spanish apartment
July 28, 2020

After a water leak detection, the owner was looking into a smart and modern solution for his modern apartment in Los Granados Golf, Spain, and the integration with Vantage thicked all the boxes for this project.

Italian residence perfectly combines tradition, art and technology
June 22, 2020

The owner is possessing an important amount of art gallery products, so he needed an exquisite look & feel for the home automation solutions. The solution needed to include the possibility to handle multiple climate applications, full audio and entertainment integration, as well as lighting scenes, to highlight the art pieces in the residence. In addition, the system needed to feature the latest technology, while merging with a traditional look structure, having also the ability to integrate with shading and AV systems to create one-touch scenic presets. Also, it needed to integrate with the Video Door Entry system from BTicino, MyHOME.

Exquisite property incorporating sophistication through ultimate technology
May 20, 2020

This exclusive property offers panoramic sea and golf views, as well as easy access to the coast and all amenities, including top golf courses, which the location is very known for. The house has 6 bedrooms, a home theater, gym, indoor pool, and needed a sophisticated but easy-to-use system with sleek and elegant controls. In addition, the system had to feature the latest technology, with the ability to integrate AV systems to create one-touch scenic presets for the future owner.

Fascinating nature-blended architecture combined with seamless integration
March 20, 2020

The owners desired an advanced automation system, practical & technical, that wouldn’t disturb them from the chosen minimalistic design and picturesque views.

Naple’s beach apartment perfectly combines smart technology with luxurious design
September 24, 2019

The client has the ability to control all types of lighting technologies through either a centralized or decentralized system topology. Vantage provided complex control and integration, to the entire property.

Intuitive home technology for reliable integration
July 22, 2019

The dealer demonstrated the Vantage Equinox system to them and they were sold on its simplicity and the common look from the various control points on wall and in hand.

From the outset, the client had a clear expectation of what they required for lighting, security, AV and access control. Having suffered a bad experience with another automation brand in the past they were clear that they wanted a simple and reliable system

The Vantage system controls all lights, blinds, heating, fire, entertainment and security systems. Lighting is automatically activated by motion sensors in common areas, stairwells and the master suite, light level is adjusted based on time of day.

When nature’s perfectly blended with architecture & technology
June 25, 2019

With the Vantage system the possibilities were unlimited. All imaginable systems, heating, lighting, audio, video, alarm etc., were delicately integrated into a single system that offered the customer the ideal solution.

Aesthetics, comfort and simplicity through home automation
May 14, 2019

In this stunning house, the customers wanted a high level of comfort and simplicity from their home automation system. Easy to be in control of all lights, scenes, temperature and audio settings.

Connecticut Sustainable Home
May 14, 2019

This residence features geothermal heating throughout the home and a solar/electric water heater. Vantage was tasked with developing a platform that provides control for the home’s renewable systems in addition to implementing energy-reducing solutions for traditional electrical components.

Residential solutions from Taichung City, Taiwan
January 25, 2019

Even though the resident owner has never seen international installations before he was confident enough that the project will deliver high-quality solutions for his villa.

Residential Apartment in Taiwan
October 29, 2018

The apartment owners had unpleasant experiences with their previous old apartment regarding other control systems (consisting in frequent failures and limited features due to a lack of a complete integration for all types of applications). The convenience & the fully integrated solutions brought by the Vantage system convinced the owners to implement and upgrade their apartment.

Knokke Residence
May 25, 2018

Since the owner of the property is not often present, he has to be able to use the functionalities of the automation system remotely. Integration with all systems in the house (music, curtains, etc.) was important in order to reach the highest level of comfort.

Austin, Texas Home
January 12, 2018

This is a new home. One of the family members has a disability and is confined to a wheelchair. The challenge was to create a universally accessible environment with complete home control including lighting, comfort and all entertainment functions.

Casa Tres Soles
January 12, 2018

Casa Tres Soles is a beautiful upscale oceanfront home that sprawls along the Pacific Ocean seashore in Punta Mita, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With 18,000 sq. ft. of luxury residence and over 20,000 sq. ft. of terraces, gardens, paths and patios. The homeowner’s main challenge was to effectively control lighting, shading, audio and other subsystems with simple operation. The owner was using premium materials in cabling, etc. and wanted a compatible system that offered robust equipment and excellent performance in an aggressive beach front environment that could withstand environmental effects.

Wuxi Mid-One Villas
January 12, 2018

The five newly-built villas are located at Mashan Island of Lake Taihu, a national 5A scenic spot where the Lingshan Buddha, Dragon Head islet and Mashan International Golf Club can be viewed from the villas. Due to the size and prestigious nature of the villas, the owner felt a need for an automated solution. The solution needed to include the ability to handle multiple climate applications (floor heating, air conditioning), full audio and entertainment integration, as well as lighting scenes.

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