Project Challenge

Since Kreon & Vantage have a long history together, it came as a natural reflex to collaborate on this new challenge for the Kreon headquarter & showroom. In this new building, light control - one of the most important features, became a mandatory requirement. Personalized scenes, using lifestyle descriptions to execute the desired scene, easily raise or lower the lighting to create a unique atmosphere were decisive features for the new building. The integration included multiroom audio, shades, temperature, etc on the different offices, landscape rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant entrance hospitality desk, outdoor areas and many more.

The Solution

The entire building and every single meeting room or office needed to always have the correct light scenes, their own combination of prescheduled timed events and sensors detecting light level and human presence. But above all, the employees themselves can now define their own personal light - audio or temperature preferences - on the Equinox screens available in every single room. During the implementation of the showroom, Kreon insisted on a very high level of flexibility in light fittings, circuits, and control. At this point, they decided to work together with Xicato. Xicato is using wireless Bluetooth communication to the LED drivers to control detailed light levels. Using their IP gateway and thanks to the driver Vantage-Xicato, all those individual loads can now be controlled as a native Vantage load, in this in-timed events but also on Equinox dimmed functions.

Project Benefits

– Enhanced convenience

– Improved safety and reliability

– Comfort, security and dramatic lighting scenes

– Energy-saving solutions

Download the case study here. 


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