Luxurious Villa in Sierra Blanca
January 20, 2021

This amazing villa, with beautiful marble floors, exquisite rooms and a magnificent home theater, needed a sophisticated but easy-to-use system, with sleek and elegant controls. Innovative solutions, designed to add comfort, convenience, and safety to the spaces that matter most for the owners, ensure audio distribution throughout the rooms, full control of lighting, clima, sources and blinds.

Onboard experiences enhanced by modern technology
August 25, 2020

The entertainment part of the ferry plays a very important role in the seasonal cruises and perfect alignment to today's energy requirements was a must. In 2019, the ferry had to meet an ambitious goal - to change all the different types of bulbs to LED in the Starlight area. During the installation process for the LED’s in the area were changed, where the need to upgrade was very high, the upgrading of the existing lighting control system which was not compatible with LED bulbs.

Full control, design and simplicity for this superior Spanish apartment
July 28, 2020

After a water leak detection, the owner was looking into a smart and modern solution for his modern apartment in Los Granados Golf, Spain, and the integration with Vantage thicked all the boxes for this project.

Italian residence perfectly combines tradition, art and technology
June 22, 2020

The owner is possessing an important amount of art gallery products, so he needed an exquisite look & feel for the home automation solutions. The solution needed to include the possibility to handle multiple climate applications, full audio and entertainment integration, as well as lighting scenes, to highlight the art pieces in the residence. In addition, the system needed to feature the latest technology, while merging with a traditional look structure, having also the ability to integrate with shading and AV systems to create one-touch scenic presets. Also, it needed to integrate with the Video Door Entry system from BTicino, MyHOME.

Exquisite property incorporating sophistication through ultimate technology
May 20, 2020

This exclusive property offers panoramic sea and golf views, as well as easy access to the coast and all amenities, including top golf courses, which the location is very known for. The house has 6 bedrooms, a home theater, gym, indoor pool, and needed a sophisticated but easy-to-use system with sleek and elegant controls. In addition, the system had to feature the latest technology, with the ability to integrate AV systems to create one-touch scenic presets for the future owner.

Immersive experience through perfect lighting on the Baltic Queen Ferry
April 16, 2020

In 2018, the ferry had to meet an ambitious goal - to change all the different types of bulbs to LEDs. During the installation process for the LED’s in the Disco Area, where the need to upgrade was very high, the upgrading of the existing lighting control system which was not compatible with LED bulbs.

Fascinating nature-blended architecture combined with seamless integration
March 20, 2020

The owners desired an advanced automation system, practical & technical, that wouldn’t disturb them from the chosen minimalistic design and picturesque views.

Flawless control system for a unique marine experience
November 28, 2019

The team was looking for a seamless presentation for all wiring devices and control points of the yacht. Vantage brought the perfect solution to the project.

Tijssen Elektro has engineered and installed the entire electrical system, with alarm and monitoring system on this project. Part of the installation is the lighting system, based on a Vantage light management system with luxury LED interior and exterior spots and LED strip lights. The powerful controller integrates the yacht’s lighting, into one easy-to-use system.

The Vantage keypads allow users access to all the boat’s functions from different multiple locations.

Simplicity & purity with the new technology-integrated Kreon HQ architecture
October 29, 2019

Since Kreon & Vantage have a long history together, it came as a natural reflex to collaborate on this new challenge for the Kreon headquarter & showroom. In this new building, light control - one of the most important features, became a mandatory requirement. Personalized scenes, using lifestyle descriptions to execute the desired scene, easily raise or lower the lighting to create a unique atmosphere were decisive features for the new building. The integration included multiroom audio, shades, temperature, etc on the different offices, landscape rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant entrance hospitality desk, outdoor areas and many more.

Naple’s beach apartment perfectly combines smart technology with luxurious design
September 24, 2019

The client has the ability to control all types of lighting technologies through either a centralized or decentralized system topology. Vantage provided complex control and integration, to the entire property.

Intuitive home technology for reliable integration
July 22, 2019

The dealer demonstrated the Vantage Equinox system to them and they were sold on its simplicity and the common look from the various control points on wall and in hand.

From the outset, the client had a clear expectation of what they required for lighting, security, AV and access control. Having suffered a bad experience with another automation brand in the past they were clear that they wanted a simple and reliable system

The Vantage system controls all lights, blinds, heating, fire, entertainment and security systems. Lighting is automatically activated by motion sensors in common areas, stairwells and the master suite, light level is adjusted based on time of day.

When nature’s perfectly blended with architecture & technology
June 25, 2019

With the Vantage system the possibilities were unlimited. All imaginable systems, heating, lighting, audio, video, alarm etc., were delicately integrated into a single system that offered the customer the ideal solution.

Aesthetics, comfort and simplicity through home automation
May 14, 2019

In this stunning house, the customers wanted a high level of comfort and simplicity from their home automation system. Easy to be in control of all lights, scenes, temperature and audio settings.

Connecticut Sustainable Home
May 14, 2019

This residence features geothermal heating throughout the home and a solar/electric water heater. Vantage was tasked with developing a platform that provides control for the home’s renewable systems in addition to implementing energy-reducing solutions for traditional electrical components.

Automated solutions for one of the top five restaurants in the world
April 10, 2019

The restaurant needed an automated solution due to the fact that they offer their costumers a whole gourmet experience and it can not be reached unless customers are comfortable with the lighting and the temperature.

Residential solutions from Taichung City, Taiwan
January 25, 2019

Even though the resident owner has never seen international installations before he was confident enough that the project will deliver high-quality solutions for his villa.

Commercial project for the largest bank in Peru
November 29, 2018

The project "BCP LAB Agency" (Banco de Credito del Peru - - the largest bank in Peru with over 450 agencies) is the first LAB Agency ever built of its kind. The challenge was to automate the shades to save energy and avoid extra warming, turn on/off the lights in predetermined hours adjusting lighting levels automatically and full air conditioning control.

Residential Apartment in Taiwan
October 29, 2018

The apartment owners had unpleasant experiences with their previous old apartment regarding other control systems (consisting in frequent failures and limited features due to a lack of a complete integration for all types of applications). The convenience & the fully integrated solutions brought by the Vantage system convinced the owners to implement and upgrade their apartment.

Knokke Residence
May 25, 2018

Since the owner of the property is not often present, he has to be able to use the functionalities of the automation system remotely. Integration with all systems in the house (music, curtains, etc.) was important in order to reach the highest level of comfort.

One Tower Bridge: Vantage automation for contemporary, luxury living
March 15, 2018

To integrate this luxury into the personal space and requirements of each property owner, leading smart technology is discreetly integrated within the home design and allows residents to transform their environment at the touch of an interface screen or the swipe of a smart device. For the ultimate in user experience, each One Tower Bridge apartment suite has been specified to include an intelligent Legrand Vantage home automation system. This gives the user complete control over everything from the lighting, ambience, and temperature to the entertainment experiences in each room. A modern and sleek interface allows the user to access each function directly via the wall mounted screen or from a smart device such as an iPad; putting them effortlessly in control of the home even when out and about.

Hollywood Hills II
January 4, 2018

A large home, consisting of eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and several different lighting load types, was the main challenge posed by this project. Large spaces can sometimes cause a problem for lighting control applications, because they require a system powerful enough to not only control a lot of loads but several load types as well.

Pleasent Grove Utah Facility
January 8, 2018

The Legrand team needed to find a space that fit their needs—or, ideally, one they could tailor to their own specifications. They got what they were looking for in the Pleasant Grove site.
Daylighting was a key feature attracting Legrand to the new building, as it benefits from an abundance of natural light. The original architect paid tribute to the great Utah outdoors by incorporating glass walls, and structural bracing was moved inside to allow nature to flow into the space. While posing certain challenges, this design preserved the magnificent views, and employees love the natural light and connection to the outdoors.
As a bonus, the space provided the perfect setting for integrated lighting and shading control for daylight harvesting.

Grand Canyon Visitor Center
January 8, 2018

As interest and participation in the stargazing sessions grew, the park decided to upgrade their lighting control system to be able to turn off (or dim) pole lighting in the parking lots and dim walking path lighting systems to better accommodate the evening sessions.

Desert Hot Springs California
January 11, 2018

The homeowner is a lighting specifier. They wanted to specify a wide range of types of lighting (LED, incandescent, forward phase, reverse phase, etc.) They also wanted a single interface to control their entire home including kitchen and butler’s kitchen, wine room, personal and gathering spaces, 8 fireplaces, 8 automated 15’ x 8’ sliding glass doors, indoor/outdoor bar and patio, pool/spa and hot tub, pool LED’s, music, etc.

Elway Idaho Home
January 12, 2018

When the Elways were looking for a reliable, wireless, automated lighting system for their 15,000 square foot home in Couer d’Alene, Idaho, energy saving with single button control and convenience were their main focus, with an emphasis on dramatic lighting scenarios and simple controls. There was no question where they’d go for a solution. Their experience with Vantage in their Colorado home paved the way for the new system.

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